FAQs About vShare

What is vShare?

vShare in a third-party app store that provides users with a huge number of modded apps and games that are not available on the official app stores and even if it’s there, users have to pay to be able to use them.

Is vShare an illegal app?

vShare is built on Apple’s enterprise licensing technology. Designed for corporations or other entities with large iOS device deployments, Apple Developer Enterprise certificates allow license holders to provision their own apps for internal distribution and download. In the case of vShare, the service used purchased certificates to create a trusted app, available for download via the Web.

Are the apps found on vShare safe to use?

vShare confirms on their official website that whenever someone uploads the new application on vShare servers, then it has to go through from different tests, some are automatic, and some of them are manual.

How to download vShare on Android?

To download vShare, you can go to vshare.one and you will find all the steps to download the application on your Android device.

Can you download vShare on iOS devices?

Yes, you can download the vShare application on your iOS devices and to know how you can, visit vshare.one and follow the tutorial.